Partition Logic User Manual


Partition Logic (version 0.66 and later) can be used with Windows Vista.  However, you should not move your system partition using Partition Logic, and in some cases you will need your Vista installation CD/DVD to update the boot configuration before Windows will start.  Vista uses a new boot process that is sensitive to changes in the boot sector and partition layout:

  • Vista NTFS partitions (including the system partition) can be resized without any problems.  Resizing will automatically schedule disk checking for the next boot -- this is normal.
  • The Vista system partition should not be moved using Partition Logic at the present time.  More information will be posted as it becomes available.
  • The Partition Logic "Write basic MBR" operation and "MBR boot menu" can be used, however Vista will report that it cannot boot, and needs the installation media for repair.  Follow the instructions and allow it to 'repair' itself.  The repair only takes a moment.
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