Partition Logic User Manual


Partition Logic is a self-contained CD image with its own operating system (Visopsys) included on the disc.  It is not installed as a Windows (or Mac or Linux) program as such -- instead it is written to a blank CD from which your computer can be booted to perform the desired partitioning, resizing, etc.

For this reason it doesn't matter which operating system you've got; Partition Logic should work for you as long as you've got a PC-compatible computer.

Partition Logic is distributed as a compressed 'zip' file.  The zip file contains just the CD image with an .iso file extension (it is zipped so that it's a smaller download -- about half the size of the uncompressed ISO).

The installation process consists of unzipping the ISO file, and then burning it to a CD using your favorite burning application, but is not burned in the same way as normal data files; your burning application must typically be instructed to burn from a disc image.

ImgBurn is a fantastic Windows utility for burning and ripping CD and DVD images (don't forget to send them a donation if you like it).  Another good, free Windows application is the ISO Recorder.


In Windows 95/98/NT and early XP, there is no built-in support for zip files.  If you double-click on the Partition Logic .zip file and Windows asks you what program to use, then you will first need to download a program such as WinZip.

Download the Partition Logic zip

Unzip it in the same folder
You should now have an ISO
file (with an .iso extension)
ready for burning


This will be done differently depending on which burning application you use.  The examples below are for versions of Nero, but the process should be similar for other programs.

ISO image files may or may not already be 'associated' with your burning application.

If they are associated, double-clicking the ISO file should launch the burning application with the correct settings, ready to burn the disc from the ISO image file:

If ISO files are associated with
a burning application, it should
display a custom icon
The ISO file has a Nero icon
Right-clicking and selecting
'Open with' should offer to open
the ISO with your burning
Opening should launch the
burning application (in this
case, Nero 6) with the correct
settings, ready to burn.

If ISO files are not associated, you should see something like this:

Double-click (or right-click and
'Open') the ISO file.
In this example, ISO files are not
associated with any burning

If ISO files are not associated with your burning application, you will need to launch your burning application manually from the start menu or desktop icon, and tell it to "burn an image file".  This will be different depending on the application you're using.

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